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How to Buy Premium Domain Names. Visit Now!

A premium domain name gives your online presence the prestige of an address in Midtown Manhattan. That is why every month the most desirable domain names sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.
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Premium website domain names are the most valuable and desireable web address names.

They are usually – but not always – short and snappy domain names, mostly one word .com or .net domains, that are less than eight characters long and memorable.

In addition, such V.I.P. domains can easily command high visibility across major search engines and draw global traffic for businesses that utilise such search-engine-friendly diamonds.

Before you go out declaring premium domain names, please bear in mind that not just any ole’ domain name can be considered a premium domain name.

The keyword(s) of a domain is of absolute importance.

The word or words that make up a domain determines the actually value of the domain and it being considered a premium domain name.

There are nearly 240 million .com domain names registered throughout the world over and growing daily.  

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Someone or business might have been the proud recipient of registering a platinum-rated domain, like the ones previously mentioned, decades ago when you were probably yet born, still attending school or had absolutely no idea of what a domain name was to begin with.  

Now that time has passed and just like every other investment and asset under the sun, your business can expect to pay hundred of thousands or even millions for these types of premium domain names.

And we know you’re what you’re thinking, “Why do premium domain names cost so much?”

To answer this question, you’ll need to understand the various facets that determine premium domain name values.

Why do premium domain names cost so much?

It’s all about supply and demand.

When the demand of a particular premium website domain name increases, its price and value naturally increases due to the supply being quite low.

A good example and parallel industry to this virtual real estate is the nature of physical real estate.

Just like you would use an agent or broker to find a specific property or lot, the same can be found when searching for a premium domain name as well as domain names in general.

To find the perfect premium domain name for your business, let the experts help you out.

Why? They’ll help you save money and time with proven domain negotiating experience.

But do remember and recognize that most premium domain owners expect you to state your buying price as an initial point, so be mindful to not low ball or insult the owner.

Think about the game of monopoly and how it works.  You either pay or be paid based on the premium value of land you own.

Well, the same can action be taken with buying and selling premium domain names.

Key parameters for determining the price of a premium domain name

The first parameter that determines the value and price of a premium domain name is its age.

Many persons attempting to sell *premium domain names* attempt to sell you on price alone.

Let’s just say that anything less than 10 years old is not premium.

In addition to age, price and value vary based on spelling or wording, traffic that the domain is already receiving, and economic trends throughout the world.

For the premium location that will drive traffic to your business, you’re going to have to pay a premium lease.

Again, the same can be said for purchasing or leasing a premium domain name.

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